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INT1 Task 3 Project Design Plan The question for this experiment is “Which brand of paper towel is more absorbent?” My family wanted to know which brand of paper towels is worth purchasing. We would like to reduce the usage of paper towels by using the most absorbent brand. This experiment will examine the absorbency of three different brands of paper towels. First thing will be to purchase one roll each from the three different brands. Next, will be to take one equal sheet from each brand and place it over a bowl and use an eye dropper filled with water. Drops will be squeezed onto the paper towel one at a time until the water starts to leak into the container below. Each drop will be counted up to the point where the water leaks into…show more content…
By testing each brand of paper towel separately and following the steps, clear results are shown and leaves little to no room for invalidity. Reasons for Tools Used * Three different brands of paper towels- The objects that are being tested in the hypothesis. * Notepad/pencil- To record data. * Empty clear glass bowl- The dip in the bowl allows the piece of paper towel to fall through which was important for the experiment. For example, a plate wouldn’t have worked because it’s flat and leaves no room for the paper towels to fall through. * Bowl of water- Needed to fill the eye dropper to test the thickness of each of the paper towels. I wanted to use a pure substance and wanted to avoid chemicals. * Eye dropper- Allowed for the water to be squeezed out of onto the piece of paper towel. It was very effective because the researcher has control over how much water is being squeezed out. * Rubber band- Used to secure the piece of paper towel to the glass bowl. This worked because a rubber band has stretching abilities when it comes to securing the paper towel. * An assistant- To assist with the

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