I'M to Fat to Be Thin Essay

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I’m too fat to be thin. Media and Eating Disorders ABSTRACT I’M TOO FAT TO BE THIN We as society expect celebrities to portray a certain shape and size. There are images of thin actresses and supermodels all over today’s media. What is the perfect body shape? Many women struggle to answer this question. Media always has an influence of what women’s bodies should look like. Some women will do just about anything to look like the celebrities they see online and on television. Certain psychological factors and personality traits may incline people to developing eating disorders. Many people with eating disorders have low self-esteem, feel helpless, and hate the way they look. Certain traits are also linked to the disorders. A wide range of situations can be the cause of eating disorders. Family and friends may constantly tease people about their bodies. Also, sports that emphasize low weight or a certain body image like gymnastics and wrestling. What an individual sees on television and the internet can play a big role as well, our young ladies look up to the actresses and models. Negative emotions such as rape, abuse, or the death can also trigger disorders. Anorexia nervosa is the emotional disorder in which is characterized by a refusal to eat in order to lose weight as a result of an unhealthy and inaccurate perception of body image and fear of weight gain. Eating disorders are treatable medical illnesses. They usually coexist with substance abuse, depression, or anxiety disorders. Individuals with anorexia have a distorted image that causes them to see themselves bigger in size even when they're very thin. Often exercising excessively, refusing to eat, and they lose so much weight they may even starve to death. According to the National Institute of Mental Health , eating disorders primarily affect girls and women. A new study suggests “appearance

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