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I'm schizophrenic and so am I Essay

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  • on February 10, 2009
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I'm schizophrenic and so am I

The term paranoia was crafted by Emil Kraepelin to illustrate a person’s delusional beliefs.   Mr. Kraepelin attempted to create an amalgamation of all the mental disorders registered by the 19th century.   Assembling diseases together based on their classification, and their common blueprint, rather than by the similarities, and symptoms.   It was precisely this kind of inadequacy that frustrated Kraepelin, and forced him to devise a system to diagnose mental disorders. He referred to the traditional view as (1)"symptomatic" and to his view as "clinical." Kraeplin initially acknowledged two types of paranoia, pure paranoia and dementia praecox. Dementia praecox was later renamed schizophrenia and pure paranoia became delusional disorder.   Kraepelin opposed the approach of Sigmund Freud, who regarded and treated psychiatric disorders as precipitated psychological factors.   Kraepelin was the first to say “madness was an aberration of the brain”.  
Enter Sigmund Freud who developed a complex series of suppositions to describe the human personality, and to attempt to understand and treat mental-emotional disorders. He found a new modern approach, an entirely new method in sampling his patient’s troubles as if he were peering through a key hole into another room.   Basic to these theories Freud was fraught with the need to understand the unconscious section of the mind. (2) “The unconscious part of the psyche is that which is hidden from us and not open to our direct knowledge”.
Freud labored opposite of Kraepelin rather than believing in magical causes for mental illness, he combined the two thought processes and called it “psycho-physics”.   Freud was quite confident with this type of forward thinking, he had proven results from his previous treatments over the years which gave him confidence that doctors can treat the diseases which continued to evade and elude most his colleagues.
Freud’s therapeutic (3) “psychoanalysis” did just...

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