I'M Not so Good with English Essay

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I came from Thailand, my English is not very strong, i hope that i can get better grade with this website . English itself is my 3rd language, i don't seems to be quite fluent at it, and that is why i want to improve. Among the many reasons that somehow the reader feel sympathize with Perry, I believe that the most outstanding one is through the fact that he had such an eloquent, yet childish, imagination. While he was on the run, Perry dream that he would have some sort of adventure, a treasure hunt in the lake of Mexico. This clearly shows that he doesn't even consider the seriousness of the entire situation, he is just a day dreaming. Perry also often dreamt of a large parrot that would be “an avenging angel who… rescued him in moments of mortal danger.” (Capote 266) it seems that he is in desperate need of outside comfort to help him; of which he did not received throughout his troubled past, and indeed never experience it. "...the parrot appeared arrived while he slept, a bird 'taller than Jesus, yellow like a sunflower', a warrior angel who blinded the nuns with its beak, fed upon their eyes, slaughtered them as they 'pleaded for mercy', then so gently lifted him, enfolded him, winged him away to 'paradise'." ( Capote 89) According from my perspective, he wanted this parrot to come and take him away, to save him, to be his guardian, to be his protector which he never had. As in for me, it just seems as if all Perry dream of was a perfect existence of himself which are filled with only wealth and happiness. Of course this is only in his childish dreams, and in this story, dream aren’t meant to come true. Another important factor that we might feel sympathy for him, is the fact that he kept thinking about the suicide throughout his time on the run, as well as about his time on death row. His first signs of these tendencies came about when he was

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