I'M Not My Brother, I'M Me

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In the story, I’m Not my Brother, I’m me, the most important character is Mark. The story is using this character to teach the readers an important lesson, “you should respect each person as a unique individual and not compare them to anyone else.” Mark is currently in college and he is getting all A’s and B’s in his work. But during his high school years, he was known as a student who was on the rowdy side. In the story, it said that “he used to cause problems in high school because he got sick of everyone expecting him to be exactly like Steve.” The teacher in the story had always compared Mark with his brother Steve. They had expected him be as successful on everything Steve’s good at. But unfortunately, Mark sees himself as a distinct person, and he could not handle the stress from the teacher asking him to be like Steve. Eventually, he became a rebellious student wanting to show everyone that he was not Steve. This shows the reader that when one compares a person against another, one can cause a person to do whatever it takes to prove that he/she is a distinct person, including walking up the dark alley. Everyone in the world is unique and everyone likes to be treated like an individual. In conclusion, the most important character in this story is Mark. The story is showing the reader an important lesson of respecting everyone as an individual by using the character

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