I'M Going Essay

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RUNNING HEAD GOING I’m Going Kathryn J Barr Eng 125 Dr. J Miller June 20, 2012 GOING The Literary work I chose was “I’m Going”, by Tristan Bernard (1866-1947). The setting takes place in a small and well-furnished room. This particular piece is considered a one act comedy because Tristan is using slight humor along with ridiculous behavior between a husband and wife that can’t seem to resolve a simple dilemma of what to do with a rainy (or not rainy) Sunday afternoon. The Theme, I believe is to find humor in life; it is all about the attitude you use to approach everyday situations and that will make a big difference. I could relate to this story because many times my spouse and I have the same dilemma, but I am a lot more aggressive. Tristan used humor to point out everyday behavior in a marriage that continues to builds up over time. Because no one has taken the time to do maintenance to the marriage, it is in need of some communication skills as well as consideration for each other. The plot in this story was to show humor in every day ordeals, example, the situation that occurred between the two characters, Henri and Jeanne, is something that happens in the average marital home, but with Bernard’s approach he was able to bring freshness and a new kind of philosophical insight on life through comedy and a manner known to the literary world as farce. A farce is a comedy which aims at entertaining the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, improbable situations, disguise and the use of deliberate absurdity (Clugston, 2010). This Story has the use of symbols and some ambiguities. Ambiguities are words or statements that have double meanings. There are the two symbols in the short story that seem to reoccur every Sunday afternoon, the rain and the cloudiness in this particular comedy
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