i Will Never Forgive You Essay

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I will never forgive you for what you have done to me. You heartless cruel creature. 4 years of what?! for what?! It's not fun when it finally hits home and you realize how much of a ******* doormat you actually were. Years wasted, spending every waking moment preoccupied with his happiness. Every second spent in fear and anxiety terrified of when the next torrent of abuse would strike, trying to do every little thing possible to prevent. Spending all my energy, love and money on trying to make his life as comfortable and stress free as I could. Years spent apologizing for his mistakes and his insecurities, and feeling genuine guilt and remorse for things that were HIS fault not mine. I honestly don't know how i survived all those years in that state. It's like a cold hard slap in the face every new realization you have about what he was actually doing to you. There aren't words foul enough to describe what a disgusting and lowly sniveling soulless little creature he truly is. The more and more I start to remember and learn about what you put me through Dion the more angry I become. I have actually escaped from a living nightmare. And now that I am finally breaking free of this web of lies and manipulation you spun me into, the more I learn how disgusting you really are. You pathetic little man, incapable of anything but selfishness, and taking and victimizing yourself. Although I have to hand it to you, you are so very good at what you do, you are the craftiest manipulator I have ever been so unlucky to come across. You managed to turn me into the perfect little slave. And the more you took and abused me the more guilty i felt and the harder i tried. Bravo! You son of a *****. I have never been able to hate anyone in my entire life, but I am sure as hell coming close to it with you. Never again will i ever get caught in a trap like yours. never ever

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