I Want To Work In Qbm Case Study

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what was it like to work in QBM? * long hours---> 12 hours * Dangerous---> no health safety signs also children under machines * children only over nine worked there * got breaks like breakfast * water from river bolen used as a power source later used steam power * woke up 5am and started work at 6am finish work at 8pm * got sunday off * men got paid more than women * no shoes allowed (cloggs) as they would cause fire * Got no corporal punishment instead confined in a room got told to do horrible jobs * accidents happened after long day of work * signed Indenture which meant they were owned by Samuel Gregg until 18 * Loud noise which could lead you to go deaf What was it…show more content…
* Had fresh water * Apprentice house was long walk from the mill * Got an education How was it similar to other mills (making it important)? * Got many fines like other mills as they did not listen to the new laws like 10 hours a day How was it different to other mills so making it less important? * They did not do corporal punishment as they thought it was wrong but other mills did do this. * paid less money to the workers compared to other mills but they provided them with great stuff unlike other mills * Gave workers better meals as then the workers would work better. * The cottages in styal village were not built back to back which enabled them have fresh water and more space * provided education before the laws as Hannah Gregg was passionate about this * Gregg family built their family house close by so they could see how the apprentice were treated * Had doctor holland who check if the workers were 9 and if they were healthy to work How has the national trust change

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