Why I Want To Be A Successful Manager Essay

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I Want To Be A Successful Manager You could say I'm passionate about becoming a successful manager. I love working one on one with people and really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when something I have organized or developed is successful. There are many things that I will have to learn to achieve this goal, both in the classroom and in the workplace to learn how to develop better people skills and how to influence people in a positive way. I also need to be able to observe people and learn their qualities such as strengths and weaknesses to be able to build quality work teams. Although there are many things that I will need to master to become a successful manager, anyone can be one. Being a good manager is as much an ability you are taught as it is an ability that you are born with (Reh, 2012). There will always be a need for quality managers. The actual number of managers is decreasing due to today’s technology, but the need for quality manager, those who can lead themselves as well as others in stressful environments is on the rise (Reh, 2012). The ability to motivate and influence people through leadership will lead to success. A good manager respects the people on his team, even though they may be different from him. Also, a good manager learns how his team members act when they are faced with challenges. Only by learning to…show more content…
A manager performs a task in a way that has been laid out specifically. A good leader is continually looking at how things are done and ask the question why. A good leader also has the ability to know the value of doing things differently. The good leader will strive for excellence and looks for ways to make improvements He also knows that doing the same thing repeatedly over and over and expecting to come up with a different outcome is futle ( Hillenbrand,. 2012)

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