I Want to Be Essay

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Sample of looking-glass self collage presentation: Don’t feel that you have to follow this model, but it gives some sense of focus and content . If this were an actual presentation, the following is only part 1, example 1. Your collage will include more examples and parts. (See wiki description of the assignment) Slide 1 [pic] Slide 2 next page [pic] Below is the written explanation of the power point slide. A portrait of self and irony. Contradiction, inconsistency, discrepancy. These are the meat upon which irony feeds. This 1973 photo is of me acting as if I had joined the flower children in their rebellion against unjust and stogy old people’s rules. The expression of self in the photo was not what I performed in day-to-day social life. I dressed myself this way to play a joke on my grandfather and to see how he would react. My grandfather took it badly. When he saw me in this outfit with my bearded boyfriend, he reacted in white-faced, silent shock. I saw that he was more distressed than I could have imagined. I tried to reassure him that I was joking and that I had not become a free-spirited hippie. He withdrew into himself, silent and hurt. To him the joke was not funny but humiliating. My embarrassment of him had been disrespectful and unkind. I did not set out to hurt my grandfather but looking back, the incident was heavy with irony because I believed many of the ideals that were symbolized in what I wore and what I pretended. When the joke was over I declared to my grandfather that the outfit was not me. I did not tell him that in reality it was who I wanted to be. From the time I was very little, pleasing my grandparents was important, and I learned how to get their approval. Even when I wasn’t with them I could imagine how I would feel if they could see what I was doing. Because they showed irritation when my

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