I Think Therefore I Am Essay

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“I think, therefore I am.” - Descrates Long long ago, in the precincts of ancient Greece did a savant once utter a succinct sentence that captured the quintessence of human life. He said, “I think, therefore I am.” This statement from the lips of Socrates is the foundation of the entire gamut of all aspects of human existence. It resounds with meaning & lives in every breath the individual takes. Thoughts, or in scientific parlance intelligence, is what sets man apart on a higher pedestal than other life forms. Though some advanced animals do have a larger cranial capacity, they nowhere come close to humans. This is singularly ours; it is our special gift, our blessing. Our 5 senses, which are our windows to the world, yield us a plethora of perceptions; every day brings in its own experiences; it is our intelligence which renders these intelligible to us. This prized possession of ours, by endowing us with abilities to learn, discern, differentiate & comprehend, unlocks for us the door to all the knowledge in the universe. Owing to this intrinsic strength, we are able to interact with the world we live in, relish its breathtaking - awe inspiring beauty, & with the competence of comprehension, put it to our use, thereby bringing hope to mankind. To quote Hazlitt, it is intellect which makes us “ a thoughtful spectator of the scenes of life” & “a ruminator on the fate of mankind.” Thoughts make us sensitive. Our emotions, even our personality is affected by the way we think. This vitality of the intellect lets us interpret the wonderful surroundings around us in a manner which gives us our identity. As every individual has his own unique interpretation of his ambience, thoughts also give us our individuality. In my opinion, curiosity is the best manifestation of intelligence as it springs us to action; it eggs us on to go prying

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