I Think the Detroit Lions Will Win a Superbowl

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I believe the Detroit Lions will win a Super Bowl For many years the Detroit Lions have been considered the worst team in the NFL. Yes, they have gone with a winless record before, finishing a season with an 0-16 record but does that really prove anything? Every good football team losses games, and the Lions have already had their share of losses over the years; now I believe that it’s their time to win! Detroit has built up their team over the years. They have some of the best receiving core in the league now. Their defense is strong and also very good. They just have to put two and two together and make the gears turn and the bells and whistles ring like a fine tuned clock. I believe that either this year, or in the next few years to come that it will be the Detroit Lions’ year to win a Super Bowl! So, if you love football as much as I do, and know a lot about the sport like I do, whether you’re a Lions fan or not it’s not hard to see what I’m talking about when I say that the Lions have the best receiving core in the league. Let’s start with their best wide receiver, standing at six foot five, number eighty-one, Calvin Johnson. Calvin or better known as “Megatron” is the best receiver in the NFL period. The numbers and the amount yards and touchdowns that he has had proves it. I don’t know his exact yardage or the exact number of touchdowns that he has had off of the top of my head, but I do know off of the top of my head that that the last two years he has racked up receiving yards to a total of about four thousand yards. Now a football field is only one hundred yards long, and he racked up that many yards in two year! Does that tell you anything? He is also the most reliable receiver in the NFL in my eyes. Calvin has the ability and the catch radius of a two car door garage, and they proved this on sports science. That’s crazy! His vertical

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