i Still Remember The Day.. Essay

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I still remember the day when this horrible incident happened to me . I had been to a Mauritian restaurant with a friend . He had been praising the restaurant to the skies for many days in the past and I was compelled to check it out. We went to this place after office hours and were savoring an authentic Mauritian dish, when suddenly I heard a cracking noise inside my mouth. I was shocked to see a small piece of my molar tooth , which had broken off . I got that salty taste of blood in my mouth and I realized that I may be in for big trouble. My friend was more shocked than I was. Though there was not much pain, my friends convinced me that a trip to the dentist was necessary to rule out any problems. The last time I had let a dentist investigate my teeth was in school when a famous toothpaste company had arranged some dentists to visit our school and give a free checkup. I still remember the beautiful dentist advising me to get my teeth checked up every three months so that I could have trouble free teeth for the rest of my life. I was wondering if I did not have teeth problems, then how I could see such a beautiful dentist every time. I never took much care of my teeth because of this reason, but I never had any problems, not even a small cavity. Now, the moment that I had been waiting for, had finally arrived. I consulted a couple of friends who advised me to consult a reputed woman dentist whose clinic was located in Mahebourg. I took an appointment for a Saturday evening and reached her place on the appointed time. Once I reached inside, I was amazed by the whole environment. It looked like the place of a person who was a stickler for cleanliness, all the walls painted in white and tastefully decorated with paintings. Also hanging on the walls were pictures of various dental problems and a cute child’s

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