I Still Remember Essay

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Never does a day pass that I do not remember. Though I must admit, it becomes difficult, with passing time, to retrieve from my memory the precise sound of your laugh, the intricate design of your features, and that spring in your step. But I remember. I remember that day on the playground, the day we first met. I pushed you down, you pushed me back, and how could I forget? I still got that scar on my left knee, the one you pushed me on. Never in my life had I imagined you’d be gone. Yah, I still remember. The first time you came over to my house to play. The laughter and the smiles never stopped that day. And through it all, I’d thought there’d be a lifetime of days like those. I guess, after all, there could have been had I not made the choice I chose. I still remember. The nights sitting on my driveway, looking at the stars. You said one day you’d count them all, maybe now you can, since now you’re not too far. Sitting, talking, listening, we shared each other’s lives. We promised we’d both be there for the day we became men’s wives. I still remember. The time at the football game, the wind was so cold we just stood there shaking. Still we stood at the top of that stadium and added to the noise the crowd was making. We were standing still, yet who knew time was racing? Yah, I still remember. The night we were riding around in your truck you called Little Red. The song we sang at the top of our lungs still lingers in my head. And if I had known that this would happen, so many things I would have said. I still remember. The time we raced to your house, because we both had to pee. When in that second I turned to look for you, your front door I failed to see. And even though I slammed into it, which nearly knocked me out. You continued to the bathroom laughing, and gave your winning shout. Yah, I still remember. The nights spent watching The Lion King. We knew

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