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I Spy – Analysis This story takes place in England during the World War I. I think so because “the Huns” and “Zeppelins” are mentioned in the same sentence. “The Huns” was a term used by the British and the American army to describe the German army during World War I. Another reason why it might be during that time period is because of the fact that Charlie Stowe is being mocked by the other kids at school, because he haven’t smoked a cigarette before. We hear about five different characters in the story. Charlie Stowe, how is the main character, his father, who is actually present in the story, His mother, who we only here about from Charlie, and two strangers, who are friends of Charlie’s father. Charlie is a twelve year old kid, who sneaks down into his father’s tobacco store to steal some cigarettes. He doesn’t like his father in the beginning of the story, but at the end he realizes that his father is much like himself. Charlie’s mother is described as being the friend of everyone, and therefore she must be a very kind person. Charlie’s father is described as being a wraith, pale, thin, indefinite who doesn’t care much about his son. The story starts in medias res. It’s a limited third person narrator because the story is told from Charlie’s perspective. The atmosphere is very bleak, because of the fact that it’s night but also because there are some spotlights moving around outside. I think the title has lots of symbolic meaning to the story. There is the fact that Charlie accidentally spies on his father. But then there is also the fact that I Spy is the name of a children’s game, a game in which one player selects an object (visible to all) for the others to guess, giving them its colour or its initial letter with the words 'I spy with my little eye something (blue, etc.) or beginning with —'. This would indicate that the story is told from a child’s

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