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Introduction Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in solving things. At the age of eight, my parents bought me my first detective kit. Suspiciously, I would go around my house, solving “crimes.” With my trusty magnifying glass in one hand and my fingerprint powder in the other, I closed quite a few cases in my day. I distinctly remember that there was the case of the missing sandals that my mom could not find that I successfully solved, and then there was also a huge investigation on a missing person (me) while on a visit to San Antonio. Books, such as The Hardy Boys and The Mysterious Benedict Society, and television shows, such as CSI, Criminal Minds, and Bones also made an impact on my decision to choose the path of a Criminal Investigator as my career. On April 4, 2012, I met with Detective Tommy Teniente (Badge #778) who works on crimes against persons at the Carrollton Police Department and agreed to serve as my primary source for my I-Search paper. The Research Process In order to begin my research process I first went to the Carrollton Police Department website. I clicked on the link called Criminal Investigation Division. On that page I discovered that the Carrollton Police Department has a Personal Crimes Section supervised by Sergeant Mike King. I called the police department to schedule an interview with Sergeant King or one of the nine detectives he leads. After finding out that I am interviewing Detective Teniente I prepared and typed questions to ask during the meeting. I also emailed the questions to Detective Teniente ahead of time so that he can think about the responses beforehand. When I arrived at the Carrollton Police Department I checked in with an officer at the front desk and waited for Detective Teniente. Detective Teniente welcomed us into the police station and walked us into the break room were I began my

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