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I -Search Paper I can’t believe this happened to me. I never would have imagined anything like this. You’re walking home from a late night movie. Friends offer to drive you home, but you say you’ll be fine. You think you’re safe, and that stuff in the movies or on television can’t happen to you. And then something does. You’re pulled into an alley, and raped. Your life is changed and turned around in just a matter of minutes. I chose the topic of rape because I have heard that some scientist and normal citizens believe that men are biologically inclined to rape. I can’t see how this is true. I have researched both sides of the argument I still believe that it is not in genes to rape. I think that in the future not only I but when I have children they will benefit from me researching this because I will teach them wrong from right. People are not biologically inclined to rape, it is a decision. Before I started to research this topic we were required to write down what we know, what we assume and what we imagine to be true about our topic. I know many things to be true about rape. Rape affects a person for life there is no way to forget the horrible things that happened. Rape can and does happen to anyone at anytime. You can try and avoid rape, by staying with a group, make your first date a group date, and always let someone know where you are and when you will get back. What I assume to be true about rape is that if you are raised in a house with abuse that you would be against anything that hurt somebody. I also assume you would know right from wrong. I imagine that people would feel bad for hurting a person and their family. To get ready to research in the media center I wrote out five topics and from there narrowed it down to the most specific topic. I chose my topic rape. I filled out the sections about what I know, assume, and imagine about my

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