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170156 Dennis Dodd Cindy Droege LAL102 JANUARY 20,2015 What Do With All of This Technology? “I Search” It is scary how the world is growing up so fast and how the people of this world grew up. People hear stories on the news, from our grandparents, in our conversations, about what people of each generation grew up playing with or even just what took up their time. Technology, people hear this word and think phone, computer, television and tablets; what is it about these devices that has got the youth, adults, and now elderly hooked? I believe that our country has taken the old essentials such as books, communication skills, and entertainment and put them into a “handy” device to always have with them. Technology should be used in moderation with the youth because they are still growing. The reason being is because the youth are becoming less social able and communication skills are low. The children that are spending more than 2 hours of their day on these devices and study’s have proven this. With the parents using technology as well, parents have now replaced playing along with their children or spending time with them to giving them an Ipad or turning on the television for them and leaving the child alone for hours. What is there to find about what these devices are doing to our world, has it done anything yet to how we function or has it progressed our generations from the “old world?” When was the last time a tape was played through a walk-man, a tweet wasn’t posted, a selfie was taken for a 1000 likes on social media? I look over to my niece and she is sucked into another episode of, “Good Luck Charlie.” Yes, she has gone to school the whole day, sat inside four walls, learned about the sciences, perfected her writing skills and has added and subtracted numbers with only two 15 min. recesses. Yes, she may be exhausted and just wants to relax

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