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Whenever I think about road trips i think of senes from movies where your in your car filled with your best friends, listening to music and just non stop laughing and talking. Just cruising through the country down open roads. my dream road trip would be from san diego califonia to miami flordia. i always hear how fun road trips are but what things do i have to look out for while traveling the open road? What places should i stop at on the way? how much money will i need to dave before i can travel? how long should i make the trip last? what states should i advoid going through on my was to flordia? on this road trip i think i will meet alot of interesting people of many different cultures. i also think i will learn alot more about my self and about finding out things on my own without my parents with me. Hopefully my road trip with be a memorable one. On my search i found alot of useful information on road trips such as safety precautions and things to bring along on the trip. On my road trip i need to make sure to have lots of water, healthy snack food, cd's, blankets and pillows, and i need to remember to bring comfortable clothes and remember to wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Before i leave on my trip i will need to make sure the car is in good condition. everything will need to work properly so the trip is safer. during the drive i would take my time getting to my destination because i would want to take everything in and be able to appreciate the world around me. before i leave for the trip i will call the first hotel in advance so i know for the first night i will have some place to sleep. i chose road trips for my i search because i want to go and see the world around me, and see what im misssing out on. as of right now im stuck in encinitas but one day i will beable to go explore the world around me and have fun doing it.

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