I Saw America Through the Eyes of a Victim Essay

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I saw America through the eyes of a victim, the violence I saw, Those of society, each one hissed at me as it shouldn’t be, The men stared down at me as he mumbled under his breath, The women clutched their purse as if I was a burglar, The children stayed away, doing as their mother said, Now, the men’s mouth became a flashlight for a miner, The women’s arms became warmth, The children came close, doing as their mother said, Society, learning to accept one another, I see America through the eyes of a retired victim, The happiness I see. I was told by the media that my kind was dangerous. Nothing ever good came from us being around. A black individual, following 5 pillars, that is who I am. Apparently I can fucking cuss up a storm, drop f-bombs in every fucking sentence. Or I can speak to no one other than those who believe in what I believe. I can wear a head full of weave, and have a closet full of Jordans. Or I can have more coverage than Verizon. Constantly listen to Big Sean, and hit the shmoney dance. Or spend time in solitude, And read the Qur’an at all times. I either have weed in my back pocket, or a bomb behind my back. I was told by society that I was a threat to all of America. But in reality, I’m just a girl, an anime fanatic, and I literally just
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