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TEAM C LEARNING TEAM CHARTER ANALYSIS PAPER Team C Learning Team Charter Analysis Paper University of Phoenix COM 285 Catherine Cain Turner August 14, 2010 Team C Learning Team Charter Analysis Paper Throughout history, group communication has been viewed as a necessity. It allows us to gain various different perspectives on issues and agree on the best methods to manage problems. By working in a group we are able to learn to respect the validity of others opinions. Diversity often allows our thinking to be challenged by others with different beliefs and traditions, which can open our minds to new ideas. Due to the recent leaps and bounds of current technology, there are now many ways to do this, in fact most times it’s as simple logging into a computer , and groups can meet and share ideas with the click of a mouse. This has made group communications easier and more relevant than ever before, but is this all there is to group communication? What is really necessary for successful communication? According to Locker and Kienzler 2008), Interpersonal communication between group members is essential for good teamwork. Group communications occurs when two or more people come together to discuss a topic or issue. Each person brings their own personal perspective to the group, while listening to other group members with the goal of reaching common ground. Once this middle ground has been determined, usually with the assistance of a chosen leader, each person works within their role to produce a finished product. Positive attitudes, reliability, and the desire to manage conflicts are all required in order for effective group communication to occur. Group communication differs from individual communication because it requires patience, respect and flexibility. Group communication is only useful if members of the group

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