I Remember You Essay

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Chapter 9: I remember you After the boy crawled off the bed and ran, the nurses came in to check on you. They saw your heart rate was going faster than normal rate. Your face was red and burning up. “(f/n)! Are you okay? You must have a fever. What did that “friend” do to you?” The nurses were saying to you. You nodded. “I don’t have a fever.” They left you alone, but returned when it was meal time. They were serving slimy chicken legs with hard-as- hell rice. They were also serving soggy broccoli with carrots. You ate it because you knew they would never let you leave in poor conditions. You thought about that boy, Sollux. He seemed familiar after you 2 kissed. But what made him so different from everyone else here? He seemed angry, guilty from something he did to me. But what did he do? You tried to think, Nothing… You sighed. Who was he to you? You laid down for a moment. Who is he? Who is he? Come on Brain!!! You then got a memory. It looked like you were 6. You see a moving truck next door. You see a boy about your age. He looked like that boy, Sollux but much younger. Your mother called you down. You fell down the stairs. You wailed, but you were excited about the new neighbors. She called your father, who died 2 years later. She wanted to meet the new neighbors. You guys went next door. The little girl went up to the 6-year-old boy. “Hi! I’m (f/n) (l/n).:” The boy ran behind his parents. You chased after him and you guys began to laugh. His name was… Your eyes widened when all these memories were coming back about this boy, Sollux. You remembered him. He was your best friend. Your memories about him and the recent party that Sollux had. Why did he kiss you when he had a girlfriend? Maybe he broke up with her. Well you were happy to know who he was. You got out of bed and you stumbled. The nurses heard you fall and came to you. “Are you okay?” they

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