I Really Want To Be An A Student

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I Really Want To Be An A Student As I sit in my room with all my books and school work spread over my bed and desk, I ask myself the question “Do I really want to be an A student”? In my thought process I greet this question with another question, “Is being an A student attainable and reachable, even for someone like me”? This really calls for some serious soul searching. As I sit in my room, on my uncomfortable desk chair, I think of what kind of beginning I had in life, the thoughts were not very good one. I lost a lot of years due to my childhood. I gather up my thoughts and greet them with encouragement, I may have not had a good beginning but I am determined to have a great finish. I have wasted so many years with dead end jobs, relationships, and poor decisions. I am 34 years old going down that spiral of insanity of doing the same things over and over again hoping for a new result, has brought a destructive toll on me. It is time to start a brand new chapter for my life. Back to the question I asked myself, “Do I really want to be an A student”? Yes I do! If I am going to take the time to go to school and do something that different for myself, I am going to be the very best I can be. I will aim high and strive for the best after all I deserve a great finish not only for myself but for my

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