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I Need Changes On this day I still hurt from my last love and I think that I need changes to move on for 3 reasons. First of all, this makes me have a nightmare in every night. In the silence dark night I always wake up in the middle of the night by the dream about my ex-girlfriend. I always start to dream of the good story about her, but it always end with my hurt. However I have done some meditation before I go to sleep and it helps me have a better night. Secondly, it decreases my confident. Actually I’m a very confident man. I can do the things that many people shy or afraid to do, but after I got dump my confident was gone too. In example, I start to feel nervous for speak in front of the class room and I afraid to have an eye contact with the girls. I never lack of the confident like this before. This is happen because my ex-girlfriend dumps me like I’m a worthless person for her. Actually when we still together I give her all as I can, but she didn’t see it worth that’s why I lost my confident. Finally, I have a tough life in university. I always have to hide from my ex and her gang. My ex-girlfriend gang is my old friend too we are in the same class in the high school. I still don’t understand myself that’s why I have to hide from them. Although her gang suggested my ex to leave me. All in all, for the reasons mention above I need changes in my as soon as

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