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Abby Bradford The Yalta conference The reason that we chose this topic is because it sounded very interesting and we had never herd of it before. We were unsure of which topic to choose at first because we had so many options and so little time to choose, but we eventually agreed on the Yalta Conference of 1945. We also choose this topic because the conference to place during World WarI, and since we were learning about World War 1, we thought it would be a good idea to learn about what happened during the war. Those are the main reasons we chose the Yalta conference as our history fair topic. The way we conducted our research was pretty simple. Since we had four people in our group, we split the research up into four parts. One person would research why the conference took place, a second person would find books on the Yalta conference, and the other two people would help the others in finding the research needed to complete the project. Since we split up the research this way, it was easier to find the things needed and this also made it easier to communicate with each other. When we choose our presentation method, we didn’t have a whole lot of cooperation at first. Everyone thought their idea was better than the other person’s. But then we got the idea of creating a website and everyone agreed that would be the most fun in creating because none of us had ever created one before, so it would be an interesting experience for everyone. We also decided to create a website because we all had a lot of experience with computers and we thought it would be the easiest thing to do. The theme of this year’s history fair was Diplomacy and Debate. This fit our topic perfectly because the Yalta conference was a debate between the three biggest leaders of the Allied alliance in order to decide how to make Germany pay for the damage and destruction it caused

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