I Miss You Essay

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A word takes u or brings u who said I was ever ganna leave u. Come bck and don’t believe everything you hear about me. I will never let your heart get away from me. Tell me where I could find someone like u . Cuz u mii love will always stay mii love . I lived days dreaming about you . Im always bargaining with god just to get the type of relationship I want with you. I always tell god to keep us better each day nd make it last forever. If u could feel mii heart please strongly understand that’s its so fuckin hard to keep away from someone u love so damn much. Where u used to be theres a hole in da world which I see miiself walking around in da daytime nd falling in the night. Lots of pple walked outta mii life bt u took mii heart with u nd I cant keep u off. Wherever u go nd whatever u do ill be rite here waiting 4 u! Whatever it takes or how mii heart breaks I will be right here waiting 4 u. Run ur fingers through mii soul . For once just for once feel exactly what I feel , believe exactly what I believe, perceive what I perceive, examine, look, experience , and for once just for once understand. The memories of u are engraved in mii heart I always though that nothing in the world could tear us apart. Ur always in mii mind I cant get u out I get mad at times I have to shout . I feel like pieces are missing like a book with no end . Your future was great. U had lots in store, when im forced to think about it it rots to the core. What I wouldn’t give to be in ur place I would give the world to see ur face. All the sweet thoughts of u bring a tear to mii eye. U were mii drug the source to get mii high. Khalas I know u want me away from u bt take this wish from mii heart to ours: “ Comfort on difficult days, smile when sadness takes over, laughter to kiss ur lips, sunset to warm ur heart, hugs when spirit sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendship to brighten ur

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