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Change I support Will Campbell’s statement, “I’m pro-Klansman because I’m prohuman being.” Will shows a change in religious, cultural, and racial position from before Jonathan Daniel’s death. From a young age on through his thirties, Will Campbell believes strongly in fighting for the Civil Rights Movement while neglecting the racist whites. However, after his friend Jonathan is murdered, he comes to the conclusion that everyone is a bastard, and God loves everyone, even the KKK and other racists. The change in religious beliefs allows his civil rights work to extend to white racists as well. He understands how they are children of God too. Campbell’s change is a significant challenge to each of us; to love our enemy, or to stop thinking…show more content…
This conclusion led to Campbell’s change in cultural, racial, and religious ideas. After Jonathan Daniel was murdered, Campbell reflects on what his ministry was: “twenty years of ministry which had become, without my realizing it, a ministry of liberal sophistication…an attempted negation of Jesus” (Campbell). Campbell understands how he must now minister to both his friend as well as his enemy. As a worshiper of God he must treat everyone equally. Also, as a Civil Rights leader he must convince the enemy to stop hating blacks. A brave step in the opposite direction, Campbell visits “Klan County.” He writes,” I made the trip to what was being referred to by Peter Young as Klan County” (Campbell 246). Will was crazy to go visit Klansmen who he was fighting against. The change, however, did no harm. Campbell says, “I didn’t lie to them and they didn’t lie to me. Neither of us had any reason to distrust one another” (Campbell 246). Campbell’s decision to befriend the Klan allowed him to understand the position his enemy was coming from. Campbell also begins to lose hope in Joe. He has to accept, Joe will never be normal again. Will struggles with accepting his brother’s psychotic behavior. Campbell also changes his position on religion when he speaks of “legal marriage” with Joe. Joe explains that marriage is simply a contract for suing one
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