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Be careful what you wish for. Teacher: C. Larmon Written and Directed by: The Grade 12 Drama Majors of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Regional Arts Program Edited by: Megan Apa, Elizabeth Coote, Devon Madden, Brittney Thames, Emily Valdellon Characters JAMIE she is a very average girl, she is not good or bad enough to be noticed by anyone but her two friends. She feels that a life of glamour is the only thing that could possibly make her happy. A boyfriend and a following is all that she wants from being Prom queen. ERIC is the popular jock that every boy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. He has a huge ego and terrible commitment issues. He is known to be a player, but wins girls over with his charm. MARY is the popular girl who everyone expects to be the prom queen. She wins everything. She hates everyone who is not popular, and rarely ever talks to them unless they are doing her homework. After JAMIE wins prom queen they switch personalities. JOYCE is the newspaper editor, and likes to be in charge of everything. Unfortunately, her peers take advantage of this by making her run errands and do their work all the time. Joyce just wants a couple days of silence and freedom. MALORI is a student that helps with the newspaper. She is very forgetful and doesn’t like to do any work. CHLOE is another lazy student that asks JOYCE to do everything for her because she cannot do it herself. BRIAN is the nerdy boy on the newspaper team. He is lost without JOYCE there to run errands for him. He was best friends with JAMIE until she becomes prom queen. JENNA is an adventurous girl who loves to have fun. She decides to host a scary movie marathon at her house because she loves horror movies so much. She feels that her life is boring and that is why she wishes for such a thrilling night. REBECCA is the loudest and most sarcastic out of her

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