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There are many factors that can help people live a longer life. In my opinion, there are three most important reasons: the quality of food; medical services; and regular sports and excercises to their health. The improving quality of our food is the most important factor for a longer life. With the convenience of modern transportation and food processing technology, we can find any food in the market; and as our standard of living and income increases, we can affort to buy any kind of food we want. we no longer worry about the cost, but pay more attention to the nutritious balance of the food. Better food and better nutrition give us a healthier body. Furthermore, the development of medical technolgy and method ensure a longer life for people. Many fatal deceases which were considered incurable before can now be treated and cured. Governments are paying more and more money on medical care and training of doctors and nurses. People can access medical services easily: regular physical examinations ensure that deceases can be found ealier and therefore can be treated in a timely fasion. Last but not least, people should care more about their own health and should realise the importance of excercises to their health. Every morning you could see people doing sports outside. More and more people should realize the saying "Life is locomotion". Regular sports build up a strong body. Sports like hiking, jogging, and swimming can all benifit our health. Naturally, people with stronger body could resist more deseases, and therefore can live longer. To sum up, people should eat healthy food and should have access to better medical services. And people should spend more time on sports and excercices to build stronger bodies. As we could predict, people are going to live even longer in the

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