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October 15-16, 2009 Ms. Larkin Beast Fable Entry Task: Respond to the following prompt in your journals. Be sure to date your entry. *If you were writing a beast fable and every member of your family, including yourself, and a few close friends were in the story, what beast would you assign to each family member and friend? Make a list of at least five people and include an explanation as to why that beast is the best choice. (Use personality and physical traits to justify your choices) Character Development: Of the characters from your journal, choose at least three that stand out to you or that you just find interesting. These will be the main characters of your story. Fill in the following chart with as much detail as possible. The more specific you are the better your characters will be. Name/Beast Physical Personality Description Traits Character 1: Character 2: Character 3: Setting: Okay, we can't have a story with no setting. So, where are these characters going to meet? In the ocean, river, forest, jungle, mountain top, park, zoo, backyard, etc. Where is the most likely place for these characters to interact? Also, how do your characters meet? Are they strangers, enemies, friends, family, etc.? Do they bump into each other or do they have a long history. Your setting can be briefly described in about two sentences. Place Description Interaction Moral: What are we supposed to learn from your story? Starting point: Choose an aphorism and base your story off that lesson. Example: What goes around comes around, don't judge a book by its cover, etc. You have creative freedom on this so use it. If you could teach people one lesson what would it be!! How to start your story Now that we have some details to work with we need to hook the reader in order to get them to read our story. Once upon a time...

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