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FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTION, SUBSIDY, MARKETING, PROMOTION AND AGRONOMIC USE EFFICIENCY SCENARIO IN BANGLADESH Ahmed KAFILUDDIN Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA), Bangladesh Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA) 67 Naya Paltan, City Heart (10th Floor) Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh Tel-Fax: 880 2 9348714/9352410 E-mails: bfa_urbora@dhakacom.com - dmsislam@agni.com (content as provided for distribution in Melbourne) All the papers and presentations prepared for the 2008 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific in Melbourne will be compiled on a cd-rom to be released in December 2008. Fertilizer Distribution, Subsidy, Marketing, Promotion and Agronomic Use efficiency Scenario in Bangladesh A. KAFILUDDIN1 and M.S. ISLAM1 1 Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA), Dhaka, Bangladesh Abstract Bangladesh is the largest deltaic floodplain in the world with a total area of 147570 km2 and population of 150 million people. Agriculture is the life force of her economy. The country has been You must Login to view the entire essay. If you are not a member yet, Sign Up for free! a food deficit area for long time and has about 8.2 million hectares of cultivated land with average cropping intensity of about 185 per cent. Soil is the most important natural resource. The majority of the country’s soils are alluvial. Hill and terrace soils represent only 20 per cent of the country and 8-10 per cent of the cultivable land. The principal crops grown include rice, wheat, maize, jute, sugarcane, winter and summer vegetables, tropical fruits, oilseeds, pulses, tuber crops, tobacco and tea. Fertilizer is one of the key inputs for increasing crop yields and its contribution to crop production is about 50-60%. The supply and availability of this key input at the doorstep of the farmers to sustain crop productivity in recent times has been made critical issue. Hue and cry for fertilizers in the

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