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Malaysia - Retail brand, Tesco Malaysia is leveraging on a mass personalization approach made possible via its Clubcard offering - a platform across which data on the buying trends of consumers are compiled and processed to meet specific needs. Customers who swipe the loyalty card earn points which are mailed to them on a quarterly basis as cash vouchers redeemable at Tesco stores. The Clubcard helps the brand monitor the shopping patterns of at least 2.8 million Malaysian customers who frequently patronize its stores. At the last count, there were more than 150,000 different combinations of coupons mailed through the most targeted local mailing programme in an effort to epitomise what mass personalisation is and how it is in line with Tesco's marketing strategy to draw in big shopper numbers. Via this service, Tesco is able to track, collect, and analyze information based on the millions of daily transactions made by spenders at its various retail outlets. The data compiled is processed to study the buying patterns, lifestyles, behaviours, and attitudes of the said shoppers and the insights are then used to formulate methods which help enhance the customer's shopping experience. Mass personalisation is a channel opening up an avenue to offer customers more relevant offers. According to Tesco, over the last 24 months, patrons have been responding with loyalty of their own, making Tesco one of their top grocery retailer choices in Malaysia. Dunnhumby Malaysia has been appointed to facilitate and put into action the insights from the Clubcard. Since 2008, the company has been working with Tesco to better understand the Malaysian shopper and to improve the shopping experience whilst instilling brand affinity to create return business for the

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