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I Love To Hunt Patrick Lovell ENG121: English Composition I (PTD1530A) Instructor: Kari Lomanno August 24, 2015 Many people view on hunting is seen in a sore and negative way in today’s world. I have my own reasons why I love to hunt and why it is important to me. Since the most recent hunting season has come to an end, I can finally distinguish and understand the things that draw me to my love to hunt. More people that do not hunt questioned me this year than they ever have before. On numerous occasions I have had to deal with being called names like, “cold-hearted” and “murderer”. I have tried explaining to some of those people, but I could never think of why I hunt in that particular situation. I have lost several friends over the past 8 years in my life, all because of what I love to do. That being said I now have the chance to elaborate my love for the sport of hunting. I love to hunt for several different reasons. In a way I like to believe that hunting gives me a connection to wildlife and nature. A great number of selfish people take nature and the great outdoors for granted in my opinion. Have you ever partaken in a beautiful sunrise or sunset outside the city? I cannot begin to explain in detail enough of what you are missing out on. I can tell you from experience from hunting in the forests that I have seen vividly, the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The best feeling I get while hunting is the chills that so silently crawl up my spine when nature’s animals, in which I am hunting, appear from beneath the dark shadows of the woods. There are often times where I was hunting and I could have actively succeeded in killing a deer but did not, simply for the pleasure in sight of nature at its peak. Some moments of my life during the offseason I picture the deer grazing about surrounded by tall colorful

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