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hand they also have a lot of differences. Braden is the oldest of my brothers. He has always been the motivated one out of all of use, he has always been the one getting things done on time. Doing his homework, getting good grades the first to go to college. He is currently attending Lewis and Clark this would be his second semester. His dream job is to be a traveling nurse. And it’s a dream he plans to achieve. He was always the one to top. Braden has always been the loud and outgoing one not caring what he says or who he say it to he is very out spoken. But when he was younger he was very timid always to himself but once he hit high school everything changed he had a burst of courage or something because he was a completely different person. He was always the one to help out around the house. Doing whatever mom said without being asked twice. Braden has always had a great sense of responsibility he had a job as soon as he turned sixteen. He bought he first car then started paying his own insurance. But Braden all tougher is a very well-rounded individual. Gavin, on the other hand, is the youngest out of all of us. The baby. He has always skated right through passing up chores or getting his way. Because he was the littlest so he was always right and always got his way. Gavin has always been the one to keep to himself he never goes out of his way to have a conversation with someone unfamiliar. He is the kind of person who would rather stay with the same group of friends and stay in the same places. he is not the kind of person that embraces change. Well change in the sense of his home life. Gavin is very active at school. He loves to participate in ROTC

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