I Love School Uniforms

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I love to a wear uniform at school. I remember as a kid wearing a uniform to go to school was a dream for all kids on my age. I support the fact that private schools require their students to wear uniform , and I believe that all public schools should also have their own uniform. The importance of uniform at school, the economic benefif, and the impact on education are some of the reasons I encourage the public to wear them. First of all, wearing a uniform is an easy, comfortable and respectable way of dressing for students. Uniforms remove the social barriers, putting everyone on equal ground. Uniforms help children whose parents can't afford, or simply don't want to buy, expensive clothes. Also parents not have to worry about what needs to be worn the next day for the kids. Additionally, most uniforms are machine-washable. Uniforms teach students that they belong to the education system .Almost as importantly; uniforms help society to grow in equality. Uniforms are easier buy. Most schools provide their own uniform. Most of the uniform comes in the whole set as shoes, shocks and jacket included .So in additional, schools sometimes provide financial assistance to families who need it. Uniform recycling among students is another way families can save; especially grade-school children who outgrow clothes quickly. Therefore I believe that parents will save more, which can go towards for their kids. Children who wear school uniforms do better academically. This is due to many reasons, including not wasting time in the morning getting ready, lack of distractions, and a more formal studying environment. School uniforms may significantly reduce the stress of bullying. With students not having to worry about their looks, fitting in not longer becomes the main worry in children‘s lives. School uniforms may also provide a way out for poor children who otherwise
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