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I Love New York 2 I had some of the I Love New York season 2 saved on my tvo. The episode I watched had a lot going on. Pretty was being questioned about his sexual orientation and he ended up quitting at the end of the episode. In this episode they had people from home come visit. Everyone thought it was going to be their ex’s but luckily for Buddha it was his sister. Buddha tells New York his ex didn’t come because she is crazy. Tailor Made was really nervous when he found out his ex Nancy was coming. The show was suppose to consist of new york and her mom interviewing the women while the men are being interrogated by Real and Chance who were on season 1 of new york. Through out the show we come to find out that tailor made is still in the process divorcing his wife and his ex wife tells New York and her mother that they got married after only 9 months. This made New York nervous because then it meant that tailor made moves fast which is something she didn’t want. The entertainers ex just says that he has a bad temper and that he still lives with his parents. This episode is an exact example of stupid Reality shows. New York (Tiffany) should definitely not have her own reality show because there is no reason for it. If she didn’t find love the first season why try again. I think it’s just a lame excuse to get more air time and I personally think that the entire time she really wasn’t looking for love. The characters in this show are most likely all actors or aspiring actors. They all react negatively in situations. Every conflict is fixed by fighting or yelling. It is very sad that this is how they portray these people. This is a very unrealistic show. This show directs the audience of people who enjoy watching reality shows. It is filled with a lot of drama and it isn’t mind-blowing boring. This show definitely does not send out a positive

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