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Lisa Michelle Cimorelli was born on September 19, 1993. She is the third oldest sister, after Christina and Katherine, and the fourth oldest child in the Cimorelli family. She is an original member of the band. She plays the keyboard, drums, and guitar. She and her older sister Christina arrange the harmonies for their songs. Contents [show] AppearanceEdit Lisa has long, naturally wavy-ish,[2] dark brown hair, which she sometimes styles straight and curly. She wore braces when she was younger. She is 5' 6". PersonalityEdit Lisa is known to be the creative one in the group. She arranges a few of the songs. She is also the funny one, and Lauren describes her as weird. TriviaEdit She has scoliosis[3] and has worn a brace for nine months.[4] Lisa shares her birthday with her younger brother Nick. She finished high school when she was fourteen years old. She was home-schooled like all of her siblings. She would like to study music at college. Her favorite cover of the ones her sisters have done is "Good Time." She refers to Dani as "a growing infant." She likes to make weird faces on their videos, and she dosen't care what anyone thinks of her. She has the thought that all the people are beautiful and everyone deserves to be happy. She wants to have her first kiss on the day of her wedding. Her favorite colors are blue and orange.[5] She shares a bedroom with Lauren and Dani.[6] Her favorite food is Margherita pizza.[7] Her favorite film is Eat, Pray, Love.[7] Her favorite song is "Holding Me Down" by Onitsha and Eric Dawkins[7] She would most like to perform with Usher.[7] Her most embarrassing moment was when she did a face plant in front of the movie theater.[7] Her favorite television shows are 90210 and Big Time Rush.[7] She would most like to vacation in Italy and Brazil.[7] If she was a superhero, her superpowers would be

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