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Grammaropolis.com - Videos, Books, Songs And Games For Learning Grammar Grammar polis is a multi-platform educational website for learning English grammar including animated episodes, books, songs and games. The parts of speech are personified by cartoon characters. Grammar polis is a fresh, fun and exciting new way to learn about the parts of speech. When students associate human qualities and characteristics with the parts of speech, they can make sense of abstract grammatical rules. Within the world of grammar polis the parts of speech are personified; their personalities are inspired by their grammatical roles and responsibilities .the characters interact the way the parts of speech interact with one another in the sentence. On the site, you can watch short Grammar polis videos starring the cartoon characters that live there, take Grammar polis quizzes, play games and complete word sorts, and color the characters of Grammar polis in an online coloring book in the games section. Grammar polis was created using Adobe Flash by a Writing and Language Arts Teacher. It improves student's language, Reading ,grammar . Games Videos Grammar polis Characters Books Song Song: Through song, the program gives chance to students to understand the role of nouns verbs, adjectives, adverbs, preposition, pronoun, conjunction, interjection. It is another method to make students learn about grammar without study books or roles. Also, listening to those songs is much easier than read a role in book. Through song, students improve their listening and speaking skills. Each character takes one aspect. For example, the "action verb when they transitive it hangs out with noun (person or
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