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Significance of the Silk Road The Silk Road consisted of trails, roads, bridges. The Silk Road is not one long road, but rather many smaller roads and pathways that were connected, and worn by the use of thousands of travelers over a period of hundreds of years. The Silk Road would become instrumental in the development and expansion of trade, and the accumulation of wealth in both China and Rome, as well as in Egypt and other nations. Extending over 4,000 miles, the routes enabled people to transport trade goods, especially luxuries such as slaves, silk, satins and musk, other perfumes, spices and medicines, jewels, glassware and even rhubarb, while the spread of knowledge, ideas, cultures, and diseases between different parts of the world like China, India, Asia and the Mediterranean. Trade on the Silk Road was a significant factor in the development of the great civilizations of China, India, Egypt, and Rome, and in several respects helped lay the foundations for the modern world. Later it was expanded gradually and reached West Asia, Europe and Africa. It took land and water routes. It is not only an important transportation route connecting the ancient world but also a synonym for economic and cultural exchanges for the Western world. But also for many other products. They were very important paths for cultural and technological transmission that linked traders, merchants, soldiers and nomads. While the Chinese silk trade played a minor role in the Chinese economy, it did increase the number of foreign merchants present in China under the Han Dynasty, exposing both the Chinese and visitors to their country to different cultures and religions. Significance of the Mediterranean Sea The Mediterranean was probably first settled because of its pleasant climate and natural harbors. It has been the chief trade route in history and long before ships ventured out

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