I'Ll Do It Later. Essay

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Stumbling on Happiness DANIEL GILBERT Alfred A. Knopf New York 2006 CONTENTS Title Page Dedication Epigraph Acknowledgments Foreword PROSPECTION PART I 1. Journey to Elsewhen PART II SUBJECTIVITY 2. The View from in Here 3. Outside Looking In PART III REALISM 4. In the Blind Spot of the Mind’s Eye 5. The Hound of Silence PART IV PRESENTISM 6. The Future Is Now 7. Time Bombs PART V RATIONALIZATION 8. Paradise Glossed 9. Immune to Reality PART VI CORRIGIBILITY 10. Once Bitten 11. Reporting Live from Tomorrow Afterword Notes A Note about the Author Permissions Acknowledgments Illustration Credits Copyright Page For Oli, under the apple tree One cannot divine nor forecast the conditions that will make happiness; one only stumbles upon them by chance, in a lucky hour, at the world’s end somewhere, and holds fast to the days, as to fortune or fame. Willa Cather, “Le Lavandou,” 1902 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THIS IS THE PART OF THE BOOK in which the author typically claims that nobody writes a book by himself and then names all the people who presumably wrote the book for him. It must be nice to have friends like that. Alas, all the people who wrote this book are me, so let me instead thank those who by their gifts enabled me to write a book without them. First and foremost, I thank the students and colleagues who did so much of the research described in these pages and let me share in the credit. They include Danny Axsom, Mike Berkovits, Stephen Blumberg, Ryan Brown, David Centerbar, Erin Driver-Linn, Liz Dunn, Jane Ebert, Mike Gill, Sarit Golub, Karim Kassam, Debbie Kermer, Boaz Keysar, Jaime Kurtz, Matt Lieberman, Jay Meyers, Carey Morewedge, Kristian Myrseth, Becca Norwick, Kevin Ochsner, Liz Pinel, Jane Risen, Todd Rogers, Ben Shenoy, and Thalia Wheatley. How did I get lucky enough to work

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