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In an effort to educate you about Chinese social media, we’ll introduce you to the most popular online messaging software and how you can use it. When I meet new Chinese friends and we decide we want to stay in touch, I never get asked for my business card, my email address, or my phone number anymore. Nowadays, young people and businesses alike are using QQ. QQ is a most China’s favorite free online instant message software. It was developed by a company called Tencent. With the number of online users over 100 million people every day, QQ’s various features and easy-to-use interface have made it become the first choice for real-time chatting with your friends, family and workmates in China. There are two versions of QQ, the International Version and the Chinese Version. Both operate the same and your unique user ID will operate under either version of the software. The only difference is that the Chinese version has more options. Unless you really want to challenge your Chinese reading skills, i suggest just going with the International English version. 1) You can make a qq group for improve our English, all of them are need practice English, and they come from different country. You can share the International business English and learn from others. 2) Screenshot, Expression, Chats history, ask question 3) Online shopping 4) Video call, Voice calls, email Send and receive , 5) Album , daily record, share, 6) Play game , Update status, add photo

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