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What is a defining moment? A moment that defines something. A moment that gives something its own identity. A moment that changes the future of something. So, a defining moment can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Like for example, when Germany declared war on the U.S., which was a defining moment for Germany because it changed the outcome of the war against Germany’s favour. But it was also a defining moment for the Allies because they won the war because of Germany. Canada has had a lot of defining moments, both good and bad. The main good ones are the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the King-Byng Crisis, the Suez Crisis and the Quebec Referendum.   Vimy Ridge was an important part of Germany`s line of defence. It had a commanding view of the surrounding area and the capture of this ridge was absolutely necessary in order to push the Germans out of France. It was fought from April 9-12, 1917 by the all four divisions of the Canadian Corps commanded by Sir Julian Byng and his right hand man Sir Arthur William Currie, the leader of the First Division. They played an important part in deciding the outcome of this battle. They were the ones who planned on how to beat the Germans The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a defining moment for Canada because it was the first time the entire Canadian Corps fought together. They stood out as a single unit. And for them to actually succeed where the French had failed showed the military strength of the Canadians. This was a solid reason for the Canadians to be proud. It gave them a sense of patriotism and gave them an identity. The King-Byng Crisis took place in the 1930`s and it was basically a political conflict between the Governor General of Canada, Lord Byng of Vimy (the previous commander of the Canadian Corps) and the Prime Minister of Canada, Sir William Lyon Mackenzie King. The conflict was

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