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I Language Transcript My job at the hospital can be very stressful, always cleaning and taking care of multiple patients, and it takes a lot of multi-tasking and organization to do this job. At every job you are always going to have thoughs few people that are lazy, self centered, and overall it’s the type of person you don’t want to work with because you know that they “suck” at their job. Now if you are a good worker you may seem to realize that you tend to have to pick up the slack from the other workers that are bad so that the patients don’t suffer because of the other persons neglect but at the same time you are wearing yourself down due to the extra work that you are picking up. One night at work Bob and I were working together, as a good worker like myself I am contently picking up the slack of Bob and management is always coming to me when they have things that need to be done because they know I’m responsible and will get it done efficiently and fast. So as the day when on Bob wanted to takes his 15 minute break, as I was covering both sides of the hall way for us while he was gone on break he decided not to come back on time, instead of taking a 15 minute break he was gone for 30 and he knew that wasn’t fair to me or the patients because that puts me in a situation that I am stressed out because it seems like everything and everyone is calling all at once and it’s not fair to the patients either because he is neglecting their care. When I confronted Bob about this problem he just sort of blow it off and rolled his eyes and went back to work which made me upset. Later after work I told Bob that I wanted to talk to him about what happened and the problems I have been having. I confronted him again on how he was late from his break, but he just made excuses like I was taking an important call and couldn’t come back on time and yelled at me because I was
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