I Just Wanna Be Average Essay

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The structure of educational is extremely important since it will tremendously affect the students’ accomplishments of academic life even whole life. Teachers are the main role during class since their quality of lecture will inspire students’ interest of that specific field. What are the definitions of great teachers in school? A good teacher motivates his students to work as hard as possible by his teaching. A bad teacher might destroy the student’s interest toward the subjects. During the educational period, every student will meet teacher that they might feel help or not. Also, the environment and classmates are the key factors of student’s academic success. I am going to compare three authors’ point of view and story toward the educational…show more content…
When he was in high school, he experienced Mr. McFarland’s teaching before he graduated from high school. Mr. McFarland was very intelligent and kindly that he encouraged his students learned in a positive way. He helped Mike Rose to enroll in a university that originally he will not be accepted. “To nobody’s surprise, I was turned down flat by USC and UCLA. But Jack MacFarland was on the case. He had received his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University, so he made calls to old professors and talked to somebody in admissions and wrote me a strong letter. Loyola finally accepted me as a probationary student”. (pg.10). A good teacher will help student to have a potential educational path. In “Against school”, John Taylor Gatto helps his students find their own full potential about achieving success and developing critical thinking. In the beginning of his article, he points out that students feel boredom in the class and finally he points out that lots of famous Americans did not graduate from college but they still have good career. Gatto was convinced that the real function of school nowadays is training children to be employees, being responsible to their future job. Both Gatto and Rose help their student have a better future
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