I Just Wanna Be Average

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Mike Rose, in his anecdotal essay on education, describes not only the problems with Vocational Education, but the effects it has on kids who spend their entire educational career in vocational Education. As well as those who, like himself, get high enough scores on standardized tests to take higher-level classes. He illustrates these points by describing coping mechanisms that kids develop to make up for their lack of a real education as well as those for the knowledge that they are in the bottom of the class and will be for the rest of their lives. Instead of receiving a higher education than average to make up for their learning disabilities, they receive a less-than-average education from under-qualified teachers. Rose’s purpose, therefore, is to bring to light the problems with this program and others like it to try to catalyze some change. He adopts a tone dripping with sarcasm and true passion for his cause. Mike Rose had an interesting child hood learning experience. Mike Rose along with his parents was Italian and didn't exactly know what he should know. Rose was in the vocational education program in is high school and didn't need to be. Mike Rose attended an all boy religion based school called Our Lady of Mercy. Previous to entering this school he had to take a placement exam and somehow his exam got mixed up with another kid named Rose. Apparently the other Rose needed to be in the vocational program and as a result Mike was placed there. Being that his parents didn't know much about the American school system, he couldn't know much about it, and he continued to attend the vocational program not knowing that he shouldn't be in it. Rose shares a lot in this piece about his child hood but only tell events that the reader should know. This draws the line between "personal" and "private". This was a personal piece by Mike Rose. He never included any
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