I Just Can't Be Your Mother Right Now

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I Just Can’t Be Your Mother Right Now – Essay “Would you have left that girl alone if I’d bought a shotgun and blown your daddy’s brain out after the first time he hit me in front of you?” Myrna’s main problem is, that she is making herself guilty, for the trouble her son has made. Myrna tries throughout the story to bring back the memory in her son’s childhood, so she can find out, why her son became a rapist. “I Just Can’t Be Your Mother Right Now” is a short story, written by Barbara Neely and published in 1990. The story is about Myrna, who is a young mother to Kenny. When Kenny returns home from the prison, tries Myrna to forgive him and love him so highly, as she has done when he was her little boy. Meanwhile Myrna tries to understand Kenny’s situation, and blame herself being a bad mother, Kenny just walks around like nothing happens, and does not even talk about why he rape Crystal Roberts. In the end she feels so bad about having Kenny back home, so she asks him to leave within a week. The story takes mostly place in Myrna’s house where she lives alone. Some of the story takes place somewhere else, because it is filled with flashbacks ex. “In the first few month of his imprisonment she’d religiously paid a neighbor to drive her the long distance to the prison each visiting day.”, the flashbacks are owing to the fact, that Myrna tries to blame herself for her son’s act by remembering his childhood. Apart from the flashbacks are the opening and the end about the same time – when Kenny comes home. Myrna (main character) is a young mother to Kenny “She’d been hired out as a mother’s helper by the time she was twelve, and pregnant and married at sixteen”. The father to Kenny (Buddy) had not treated Myrna well, and therefore she moves away from him. Myrna lives alone, and sometimes she visits her son in the prison. Myrna is very self-blaming, and
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