I Heard the Owl Call My Name Essay

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Book Review on “I heard the Owl Call My Name” This book ties into healthcare very well, it just requires so intensive thinking. There are several quotes that show themes throughout the story that give off the impression about how well Mark Brian cares for the villagers as the way a doctor would treat his patients. Mark Brian arrived at the village as a stranger from the outside world. A theme that was taught here was people, whether they are common city people or the indigent outsiders, always have their guard up to a certain degree when it comes to new people. Not only is he a new person to their land, they are supposed to trust him because of what title he holds as their vicar. Just like any patient, they need to feel comfortable enough with the doctor and the doctor himself needs to build up that trust and rapport with the patient so the patient will feel more open. When Mark gains the village people acceptance and trust, he reaches yet another step he must climb. Getting to know the patients is key in the medical field. Mark is a vicar, and he is not used to the ways of the villagers. They have their own rituals, sayings and directions of how they do things. Re-educating ourselves with other backgrounds and races will show why certain people do certain things a certain way. We, as healthcare professionals, must re-educate ourselves that not everyone is taught the same way to treat a wound or care for a patient. We must accommodate to patient and make them feel as welcomed as possible. Another way that theme is expressed in this novel is by how selfish Mark Brian is not. When he first arrives to Kingcome, he stays in this old worn out building called the Vicarage. The building needs work and does not have the basic necessities such as indoor plumbing. He did not complain or demand the Bishop to add on a bathroom to his Vicarage. He gets no help from the

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