I Hear America Fighting Essay

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Giana Falacco-Medeiros English 11 Period 3 11 December 2014 I Hear America Fighting I hear America fighting over who loves their country more, The positivity in their voice filling the air, Police officer, Firefighter, and the one who works at the County Fair. The veterans stand facing the flag, Hands on their hearts, and freedom on their mind; Thinking of those who were left behind. I hear America fighting for the cause of freedom, Seeking justice for the past treason, Mourning in every season. I've heard America fighting since 9/11, why? Their husbands, their wives, Their Aunts, and Uncles In the debris of ashes, In the debris of two crashes. I hear America fighting. The competition is strong, A soccer game at the school, fighting over who was wrong, A football game in the yard, fighting over the right color card. The fighting is over and they start to laugh, They've been outside for an hour and a half. I hear America fighting with love in their voice, A love between mothers, children, and friends, A love which can only be described through fighting, A fight over who loves who more, A fight over where to eat, And whose home to sleep. A couple sits in the park, There is an obvious spark. His arm around her shoulders, It has started to get colder. I hear America fighting to stay warm, the old cardboard signs, “Homeless and Cold. God Bless” The man with a wrinkled face and sad eyes, He smiles as a young man hands him hot chicken thighs. He sits and wonders, 'What possessed this boy to do this?Was it my dirty hands?Or was it my missing arm?' He did not care, for he knew, America is fighting through; Fighting through the disasters and sorrow, Going to the pastors and fighting for tomorrow. I hear America fighting over who loves this country more, the store clerk or the man knocking on your door. I hear America fighting, fighting. Winning.

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