I Have It Essay

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I Have IT Today she is Blue three; the silence is killing her as she impatiently waits for the calling of her code. Hoping that she does not see a familiar face or someone that may recognize her, she hides her face behind the latest edition of Essence Magazine, under a brand new pair of Prada shades with the hat to match. Paying no attention to the magazine, her mind is constantly wondering how she got to this point. Are all of the rumors are true? What if she has HIV or even AIDS? Knowing that she has taken her precious time to actually go through with getting the test starts to make her sick to her stomach. Guilt-ridden, she bargains with the Lord for the umpteenth time, hoping that He will forgive her for her sins. Knowing that God does not accept bargains, she snaps back to reality after hearing the calling of her identification. Regretting that she is not following the lesson her grandmother has been trying to teach her since childhood, “always think before you act”, she hesitantly gets up from her seat in the secluded area and slowly makes her way towards the doors that will change her life forever. About a month prior, everything was perfect. Starting her new job and making more money has made her eligible to catch up on bills and take better care of her two children that she has been raising on her own for the past seven months. Since the disappearance of their father, times have been hard. One day at the office, in walks the man of her dreams. From his lips to his bankcard, he appears to be everything she wants in a man, but his baggage is the only problem. Mr. Right is married with three kids. Knowing this information does not stop her from making her move. She knows what she is up against, so she only intends to do a little flirting. Not expecting for him to return the flirting, her plans backfire. Things quickly lead to so much more.

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