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I Have a Dream Essay

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  • on February 1, 2012
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Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a Dream”
Analysis and rhetoric devices

Martin Luther King was a great man who fought for the end of racial segregation and racial discrimination. He fought for equal right for everybody no matter color of skin, religion or anything else, nobody should be better than others. He worked as a pastor and was the prominent leader in African-American Civil Rights Movement, where he was best known for using nonviolent methods trying to gain his goal of a united country without all the racial segregation. But what he probably is most known for is his speech I have a Dream. He delivered it August 28th 1963 in Washington D.C. at the reflection pool, where around 200.000 people from all over America had met up to listen to his speech.
Martin Luther King Jr. is using a lot of rhetoric devices’ to make the I have a Dream speech more interesting. For a starter he is using many metaphors, among others is: “This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope” or “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream”. When using this kind of rhetoric devices, you make sure, that people without any big fancy education can still follow along.   It is also called imagery, and as the word applies, it gives the listener an opportunity to imagine or make a picture of what it is the speaker is saying. To make an image in your head does often make it easier to follow along in the text for people who do not understand all the more difficult or complicated words.
This kind of rhetoric devices is from the art of persuasion. Persuasion does more than inform, it takes a definite stand on a particular issue, and it makes a change, and appeal or a demand of the audience members. To find good a good persuasion you have to check if it is controversial, if it has a common ground, and if there is a solution. The I have a Dream speech (or persuasion) definitely has some of these things. Racial segregation and discrimination is by far a really...

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